Providing Medical Home

And Office Visits

- If You Can't Come To Us,

We'll Come         To You -


TMM Medical Clinic, PLLC is a stand alone medical clinic in Chesapeake, VA that also provides mobile medical calls to clients in Hampton Roads, who choose to receive care in their residence or office.  TMM Medical Clinic, PLLC emerged after a growing number of busy, working clients expressed an interest in extended clinic hours and the possibility of making in-residence visits. TMM Medical Clinic, PLLC prides itself on our ability to make healthcare more convenient by providing care when and where it is most convenient for you. Whether you come to us or we come to you, you can guarantee that you will receive top-notch, safe and affordable care! 

TMM Medical Clinic, PLLC has a mission to increase access to quality care in the Hampton Roads community. Through our flexible healthcare delivery model and community service efforts, we will make a difference in our community.

Our vision is to be a trusted ally and a premier healthcare service provider in our community.


Our operating hours are flexible, to include evenings and weekends.  We are proud and honored to serve the community, bridging gaps in healthcare. 



We do not:

  • Do well child checks or childhood vaccines

  • Prescribe narcotics or other controlled substances.

  • Go into nursing homes

  • Draw labs ordered by another provider/clinic.

  • Treat medical emergencies including but not limited to chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, inability to swallow, severe abdominal pain, head injuries, muscle weakness such as a stroke. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.




The staff at TMM Medical Clinic, PLLC are board certified Nurse Practitioners, with years of experience and have been screened to ensure that they reach the highest levels of medical care and safety. You and your family's health is our utmost concern. When you need a Tidewater-based health or medical clinic, we are here to help. We put our knowledge and experience to good use to make your lives better.


 What is a Nurse Practitioner?


A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice Registered Nurse, who has completed a Master's or Doctorate degree program that has prepared them to be clinical leaders. Nurse practitioners are able to: 

  • Record and examine the medical history, diagnoses, and symptoms of a patient.

  • Perform physical examinations.

  • Diagnose and treat acute infections, injuries and illnesses.

  • Write prescriptions for particular medications, including the frequency and dosage.

  • Conduct and order diagnostic tests to be conducted on your behalf, such as blood work, x-rays, and electrocardiograms (EKGs).

  • Talk to patients about effectively managing their health, as well as assisting in designing appropriate treatment plans and recommending further care.

  • Provide care and guidance to patients when it comes to taking medication, as well as what side effects they may have, and any interactions that may take place with medication the patient is already taking.



Clinic Location and Mailing address

3001 Churchland Blvd

Chesapeake, VA 23321


 Office: (757) 977-9675

 Fax:     (757) 483-8099

Opening Hours

        Monday – Friday     8AM – 6PM

         Saturday                   9AM – 2PM

    Sunday                      CLOSED

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